April 4, 2022

Michéal Castaldo’s Reimagined “Hotel California” in the 
Artist’s Native Calabrian Language
Drops April 22, 2022 to Celebrate the Hit Song’s 45th Anniversary

NEW YORK, NY, April 4, 2022—Michéal Castaldo, known for his crossover Italian ballads and Italian versions of popular hits from various genres, has turned his attention to a classic of American rock, the Eagles’ “Hotel California.” The fresh interpretation in the Calabrian Language pays homage to the original influences of the song. As fans of the Eagles well know, the working title of the demo was “Mexican Reggae.”

“My Calabrian translation remains true to the meter, rhyme, and beat of the original,” says Castaldo. “The remix dance groove highlights the Reggaeton beat of the original song and brings out the flamenco flavors even more,” he adds. Featured during the bridge is the Andalusian Cante Flamenco vocalist Alfonso Mogaburo Cid.

The Calabrian Language
Italy is made up of 20 regions and each region has its own language. When the regions/kingdoms were unified in 1861, the Florentine language was chosen to be the official Italian language.

“My recording of popular American songs in Calabrian is my way of preserving the language,” notes Castaldo. “My hope is that those who know and love “Hotel California” will enjoy my interpretation and will learn a little bit of my beautiful native language in the process.”

About the Artist
Michéal Castaldo was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was a young boy. He studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. As a vocalist, he has toured North America and Europe, including performances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Rainbow Room, Shea Stadium, Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and Italy’s Teatro F. Cilea and Pescara Opera House.

Michéal’s work stands on the shoulders of disticnt projects such as Sting’s work with French-Algerian vocalist Cheb Mami on the song Desert Rose, Peter Gabriel’s work with Pakistani Qawwali vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Hans Zimmer’s work with Australian Glossolalia vocalist Lisa Gerrard on the Gladiator Soundtrack.

Credits: “Hotel California” was written by Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey. Calabrian lyrics were by Michele Castlado. It was produced by Stein Berge Svendsen and Michéal Castaldo. The Remix Digi release of “Hotel California” is credited to Lil Hamslice x DJ MC Cell, with engineering by Jon Gordon and Steve Addabbo. Flamenco Guitar accompaniment was performed by Italian musician Francesco Grant Energipsy.

The “Hotel California” remix is available at digital online music e-tail stores worldwide and to stream at Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and YouTube.

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What the Media is saying...

Giovanna Auriemma - WRHU Radio
Micheal, I absolutely love your take on this fun happy n energetic song. 

Sal Palmeri - Radio Amica
Bravo Micheal...mi e' trasmettero'...

Joey Nigro-Nilson - WCNY Radio
I can put it in for next Sunday.  

John Richetta - The Fox Radio
Awesome! Bravo! EVERYTHING you do is so professionally produced. And the musicians you use are always so good. I'm going to try to get the song now so I can start playing it on Tempo next Sunday. Grazie!

Vinve Camp - WNIO Radio
Even if I never heard the song I know absolutely that it will be great.

Jack DiGiorgio - Le Belle Dimenticate Radio
Mandamela. La voglio scaricare domani e mettere in onda.

Antonio Sorgiovanni - World Radio -Canada
I love the song! You just can't help but to move to it. 

John LaBarca - WHLI Radio
Yeah yes yeah yes yeah yes yeah yes yeah yes!!!! Send it.

Joe Costa - WATR Radio
Mike i love it as a dance number and club mix, to get people moving. Very good, it is a change from your normal style of "bel canto " but i like it.

Jannie Rawlinson - Radio Calon
Michael, I love it!!! Xxxx Brilliant, Thank you, it’s to late for inclusion in tomorrow’s show, but will definitely be promoting next week xxx

Patrizia Bottoni - CHIN Radio Canada
What a lovely mix 
You are my myth Michael. True statement.

Peter Miele - CHIN Radio
As always very well done.

Nino Magarelli - Former WRHU Radio host
Hi Michael.i have no words to describe the masterpiece you created. The beat .I love it.

Daniela Celella - Italian Radio Zenith Messina NYC 
Finalmenteeeeee!!!! Oddio i love it. From my cell all seems Great. I will have on my playlist next week for certain! BravO

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