michéal CASTALDO's La Dolce Vita Foundation, helps drive ones blues away. He grants "Joy Rides" to underprivileged youth, teen or adults that last 1-4 hours in the New York City area.

The passenger has a choice of bringing several CD’s (or I-Pod) of his/her favorite music, to have a conversation about any topic they choose or simply sit back and let the wind blow through their hair. 

A sophisticated video system (just like the kind in NASCAR racing cars, TV shows and films) will videotape the entire trip inside/outside the car.  We will provide a DVD as a souvenir memento at the end of the ‘Joy Ride’ experience. 

At the beginning and end of the drive we will take digital photos to capture the excitement and bliss you’ll feel out on the open road.

We have sponsorship relationships with great restaurants at the end of each destination that will provide a complimentary lunch/brunch for the passenger.

To ensure the passenger's safety, our driver is trained in CPR. He will always have a cell phone and GPS on board. All the medical emergency offices and hospitals on route of the various scenic drives are known to the driver.

La Dolce Vita Foundation hopes to provide access to the love affair that Americans have had with automobiles, freedom of travel and taking in the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Contact us  to set up an appointment, for an evaluation to see if you qualify.

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