The 2014 Columbus Italian Festival was very pleased to feature Micheal Castaldo accompanied by the 17-piece Rick Brunetto Big Band. Micheal’s performance was a highlight of the festival. He delighted a full house with an unforgettable show of Italian classics as well as some contemporary American rock songs sung in Italian. It was truly a unique and entertaining show that our guests are still talking about. As a band leader I have had the opportunity to work with many artists. Micheal is truly one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is a trained musician and communicates well with the band, and a true pro in every way. I look forward to working with him again.

Rick Brunetto
Columbus Italian Festival
Director of Entertainment
Co-Chair for 2015

As many of you know, I was at the Italian Festival in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday...10/11/14. I did not know it, but Micheal Castaldo, who many of us on facebook know, was there also, and I was fortunate enough to be sitting in the front row to hear him sing. First of all, Micheal is a true gentleman who defines what class is all about, he knew several of my facebook friends and myself, and took a few minutes to stop and talk to me, even though he was scheduled to sing at any minute. This impressed me greatly. Micheal had an excellent orchestra backing him up. When he started to sing, I was amazed! He has a powerful voice that he projects in such an effortless manner. He is right on key with his songs, which sometimes could be difficult when hitting some of those high notes! Micheal's performances of Time to Say Goodbye, Mala Femina, Che La Luna, Mama, and The Godfather's, Speak Softly Love were absolutely marvelous! He is among the best singers I have ever heard and I cannot wait to see him perform again!

Angelo LoGiudice (Columbus, OH)

Captivating and entertaining. These are just two of the many words I could use to describe Micheal Castaldo's performance at the Columbus Italian Festival, Columbus, Ohio. From his magical turn of a phrase to his energetic audience interaction he is a truly gifted vocalist. He had my attention from the moment he stepped onto the stage all the way through to his interaction with new and old fans after his performance. He has an air of confidence and humility that reminds me of "old Hollywood". I was truly blessed and honored to work with him and look forward to catching him in concert again.

Ronda Frain (Columbus, OH)

Although we live near Erie, Pa. I was so happy to hear Micheal Castaldo was performing at the Italian festival in Columbus, Ohio and that we had a free weekend and were able to attend. Micheal Castaldo is an amazing performer and my favorite Italian tenor since seeing his Alleluia video on Facebook. A wonderful man who takes the time to connect with his fans no matter how busy he is. My husband and I traveled to Toronto a couple months after seeing the Alleluia video. We left right after the concert after seeing many people around him and taking pictures. The next day on Facebook I told him the concert was wonderful and he said "What?!! "You were there and you didn't say hello?!!" " Next time you have to say hello. " Since then we have been to many concerts and festivals and have met many other wonderful fans and friends of Micheal's on Facebook. Micheal's performance at the festival with the 17 piece Rick Brunetto Big Band was fantastic! Micheal sang songs from his CD's such as Con Te Partiro, Alleluia, Preghero (Stand By Me), Bruccia la Terra (Parla Piu Piano - Godfather Theme) and O Solo Mio as well as some I'd never heard him sing before such as Che La Luna, Mama and Mala Femina. Everyone was having a great time. There was a good crowd and everyone was dancing and singing! We love him and are looking forward to seeing him again. I encourage you to see him live and in concert too. You will be blessed!

Geralyn Hills (Erie, PA)

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Micheal Castaldo has made a strong impression in the music industry with his latest single, club remix of “Everything Happens for a Reason.” The song is one for the ages encompassing all generations. It is truly a masterpiece no matter which version you select, the English, the bilingual, the radio edit or club mix. I quickly noticed that Micheal was an exceptionally talented singer and songwriter when I first listened to his music. I personally followed his music since his early days and always played his recordings on my radio program, “Ciao Italy.” on WRHU. He truly stands out among his peers and I have no doubt that Micheal Castaldo will hit number one, once again on any music chart. Sincerely, Nino Magarelli

Ho conosciuto Michael Castaldo, alcuni anni fa , durante il mio programma radiofonico " Ciao Italy " nella mia scaletta non mancavano mai 
I brani di Micheal, sin dal primo Cd, e stato un gran successo,sia per la generazione avanzata che la nuova generazione, La sua musica ha creato una colonna sonora nella nostra esistenza,chissa quante persone si saranno innamorate, Un'eccellenza nel mondo musicale Il suo ultimo singolo " Everything happens for a reason " non ce paragone, sia la versione radio edit , acustic o remix Lo ritengo un capolavoro, in ogni caso ce sempre una ragione per esistere, grazie Micheal Castaldo Con affetto Nino Magarelli
1988 - Winner
2011- Indie Artist Winner
Charting 1993, 1996, 2001